High pressure bursting discs

Whenever machinery and equipment are operated at high pressures, they are required: high-pressure bursting discs from Schlesinger Automotive GmbH. In standard design we provide them to our customers in two versions: as a conical (cone shape) or as a flat bursting disc.

We make cone-shaped high-pressure bursting discs from nickel, nickel-based materials (Monel, Inconel, Hastelloy)* or stainless steel – ideal for use at pressures ranging from 400 to 7,000 bar. Together with a tapered pressure piece, they are put inside the conical seating of a high-pressure coupling, where they stand out due to their high tightness.

Our flat, flanged bursting discs made from nickel, nickel-based materials, stainless steel or titanium are the optimum choice for pressures below 400 bar. Unlike the conical bursting discs, they are placed above the pressure piece in a high-pressure coupling.
In a conical or flat shape – and individually adapted to your application, we manufacture our bursting discs in the dimensions you require and supply a matching high-pressure coupling along with them.

High-pressure bursting discs are used, for example, in high-pressure pumps, test-beds for diesel high-pressure pumps, extraction and water jet cutting systems and protect these systems from damage in case of excessive overpressure. That prevents high repair costs and long shutdowns.

*Monel, Inconel and Hastelloy are registered trade names

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