Metal diaphragms

In addition to bursting discs for a wide variety of applications, we also specialize in manufacturing metal diaphragms. Unlike bursting discs, they do not rupture, but deflect under pressure in a defined manner. For example, they are used as pressure reducers in valves, where they ensure a controlled flow of the medium within individual system parts, and as measuring diaphragms in pressure sensors.

Their advantages are clear: their all-metal construction of stainless steel, nickel or nickel-based materials
(for example Hastelloy)* makes them resistant to high temperatures and corrosion. They are also perfect for use as separating diaphragms that protect sensitive measuring devices from corrosive media, for instance.

Schlesinger Automotive offers metal diaphragms in standard sizes to 40 millimeter. Also custom-made products to 150 millimeters are possible. We manufacture two types of metal diaphragms: corrugated diaphragms and flat discs. The flat diaphragm can be mass produced at a low cost thanks to its simple design. The corrugated diaphragm, on the other hand, requires a proprietary tool for production and has greater deformability and a linear characteristic.

Regardless of the type you prefer, you will receive extensive advisory services from our sales engineers who will develop the perfect metal diaphragm with an optimum balance between deformability and durability tailored to your particular application.

Metal diaphragm

*Hastelloy is a registered trade name

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